Friday, 15 March 2013

PEEL Paragraph - Bryan, Yong Jie, Kevin

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The increasing access to the internet has created more problems than solutions in the area of online privacy as it becomes much easier for users to access another person’s personally information on online social platforms.  


With the exponential increase in the number of networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter available online, online users would set up their pages, blogs and profiles within these sites, and put up bits of information about themselves. These informations will may help to make connections with people who have similar interests and goals. However, these users might unwittingly publish private information and data about themselves in the process, and despite the constantly improving security of the various social networking sites, hackers, stalkers, and other cyber criminals are still able to obtain these private information and use it against the users. These cyber crimes include blackmail, spam, virus attack, phishing, online scams and frauds. These crimes does not only apply to individual users. Many big companies and major corporations, which heavily rely on these social networking sites for advertisement purposes, have fallen prey to these cyber crimes as well, which resulted in leaked news like secretly revealing a certain company's plans, legal issues, and a loss in sales and profit.


An example that can be used to represent this point is Facebook, a social networking site, where internet users can use this social network platform to communicate with friends or find them online. Facebook allow users to put up information about themselves and get to know more about people they just met and keep close contact with them. On the contrary, the personal information put up by the user’s can be easily accessible by anyone on the internet and there would be a high chance of it being used to deceive or blackmail them as most users are not careful of what they put on social networks.  


As such, the increasing access to information on the internet is actually more of a bane than a boon. The internet made a world a better global community in both a good and a bad way. However, as the internet becomes more advanced, accessing information through the internet has made privacy more of an issue. Otherwise, face-to-face interactions would be a better choice for an socially active person as one won’t have to worry about privacy. (Weighing)

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